Tree Swallow Control

TREE SWALLOWS can also be a problem in a Martin house, when starting a new Martin colony.

If you allow them to claim a nest compartment first, they will defend their territory, and chase off any newly investigating Purple Martins.

Swallow in Gourd nestThe easiest way to prevent Tree Swallows from claiming your Martin house, is to place several Tree Swallow nest boxes or gourds up within about 30 or 40 feet of the Martin house. The Tree Swallow has a territory of about 50 feet around their nest box. So once they claim one of these nest boxes or gourds, they will leave the Martin house alone, and also will drive any other Tree Swallows away from the area. Tree swallows arrive a few days earlier in the spring than the Martins, so keep the Martin house compartments plugged off when the Tree Swallows first arrive. This forces them to go to the nest boxes instead of the Martin house.

It's kind of like using fire to fight fire, this method works very well, and the benefit is that Tree Swallows are also very nice birds to have nesting in your yard.

I fasten the Tree Swallow boxes to a tree or post, about 6' off the ground, it doesn't take them long to find them. Once the Martins get established, and have claimed their nest compartment in the Martin house, they are much more aggressive towards the Tree Swallow and most times will chase them away, as the Martin is a much larger Swallow.

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