Starling and Sparrow Control

The most important and possibly the most difficult part of starting a new Martin colony is Starling & Sparrow (S&S) control.

Starlings and House Sparrows are non native birds to North America, so it is legal to kill them. When I was starting my colony here at NORTHERN SKY'S there were very few Martins in this area (only one colony within 10 miles of my home). So you can imagine how few Martins I would get each season, to investigate the housing. I had to constantly shoot and trap every Sparrow and Starling that found the house. But after a while, I got a system going that worked very well for me, and I didn't have to be around all the time constantly watching.

Starling Control
House Sparrow Control
Tree Swallow Control
Sparrow Shutter for the Troyer S&S Controller

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